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Latin Puzzle

Timothy Vacchi

Do this Latin Crossword Puzzle

discessisse such things
poenas dare neither..nor...anything
talia to leap down
quam primum to have departed
studium web, fabric
desilio as soon as possible
scapha outside
nequenequequidam to learn
immovero in fact
ave penalty
primo since
tela to pay the penalty
cum to snatch
repello to summon
cum primum to be strong
iracundia enthusiasm
disco beg
audeo to desire
dicitur to drive off
poena to swom
obsecro how much!
ignoro Greetings
nato as soon as
cupio to be ignorant
arcesso bad temper
inde small boat
foras (he) is said
valeo to dare
crudelis first
quantum from there, then
rapio cruel

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