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Latin Vocabulary

Joshua Zheng

Match each of the following Latin vocabularies with the given English definitions.

Bibo f. law
Ullus wound
Mare m. school teacher
Paene hasten
Delecto drink
Lassitudo throw, hurl
Vinum n. wine
Opprimo f. carriage, omnibus
Raeda f. story
Utilis m. young man
Saccus please
Lex train, keep busy
Adulescentulus conj. because, since
Fabula any
Nuntius useful
Celeriter n. sea
Exerceo adv. quickly, swiftly
Hiems adv. almost
Vulnero alive, living
Quod m. sack, bag
Iacio m. messenger
Grammaticus f. winter
Vivus n. weapon
Propero f. weariness
Telum overcome, surprise

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