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Ryan Pommerer

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Biannual The order of time.
Capable Multiply by ten to make a century.
Pianist One who studies the behavior of the mind.
Submarine About me . . . by me.
Metamorphosis First it's a car...then it's a man.
Psychologist A young person between 9 and 12 years old.
Multiple This person on the street may ask for food.
Unicycle It can't be just one.
Preteen You can text on it.
Decade Elton John is one of the best.
Telephone Small electronics you can take with you.
Atmosphere Twice a year.
Chronological It only has eight sides
Homeless You can do it.
Autobiography Gas surrounding the earth.
Tricycle When the plane starts to land.
Octagon You must do this to see the movie again.
Circumference We need a map to study this.
Portable Crossing the ocean on the East side.
Biologist The Navy uses this underwater.
Antiperspirant Studies life and living organisims.
Transatlantic Measures the distance around a circle
Rewind Don't forget this before your workout!
Descent You can pedal this, but you can't use your hands.
Geography A kid's first wheels.

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