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Latin 101, Week 1

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cum abl. pl. of "man, husband"
de preposition meaning "down from" or "concerning"
regina "with deeds"
doni irregular form of "daughter"
dis acc. sg. of a word that can mean sword, by metonymy
ferrum "son!"
agricolae abl. pl. of "god"
reference "to the sailors"
libro "for the book"
dona what case does "in" take when it means "into"?
nautis -que is...
gladio a masc. first declension noun, in the gen. sg.
factis "by means of a sword"
viris "gifts"
accusative "of the gift"
filiabus preposition used with abl. of accompaniment
fili gen. pl. of "boy"
enclitic a type of ablative that does not take a preposition
means a type of dative
puerorum "queen!"

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