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Latin Word list 10


Latin words from Latin Primer II - Martha Wilson

Pater neuter form of tardy
tellus reject, dispute
contentus when a pet dies you may do this
eritis who Mara is to Jacob
magistra you all shall be
respondere children found in Mr Jone's Latin class are called_______.
sol shadow, shade
mater genitive form of timeo, meaning fear
eris you will be
sedere genitive form of female teacher
argumentum you dig in this to plant trees, bushes, etc.
timeo tear
sedere A lighthouse's beacon __________ sailors of trouble.
video who jacob is to Mara
soror feminine of faithful, trustworthy
magistrae rises in the West each morining
nivis wait, wait for, expect
tardum genitive form of sit
fida he, she, it will be
Exspecto cherish, love, esteem
erimus genitive singular form of snow
repente genitive form of call by name, call
lacrima we shall be
timere genitive form of weep
ero genitive form of sit
moneo genitive singular of sister
erit A person who gives birth to a baby
umbra what our eyes do
foveo satisfied, content
appellare they will be
rupudiare what you do if the phone rings
frater I shall be
vicus village
sororis fear
fleo what we try never to be on a school morning
erunt singular genitive form of sun
discipulus Rob Johnson
firmus genitive singular form of snow
nivus suddenly
solis you need this to prove someone guilty of a crime
flere strong, firm, steadfast
tardus master, teacher

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