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Scientific Root Words 1-95

Earth Science

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acous place
hetero outside of
gyr six
deca vapor
homo thousandth
grav measurement
loc ring, circle, spiral
ferro tenth
chron of or pertaining to
infra entire, whole
dynam step
circum side
cumul sleep
holo stone, petrifiying
ign thousand
cell wind
kine hundredth
anemo below, under, less
graph beyond, outside
milli great, million
lat between
micro iron
meter different
hecta short
anter primitive, ancient
crypt move
atmo garden
cycle chamber, small room
cosmo fire
fract below, beneath
ecto time
hort heavy
cata weight
less hidden, covered
anti world, order, form
hibern heaped
kilo grass, plant
herb moist, wet
mega power
lin capable
hygr hear
aster small, millionth
hex line
aceous above, beyond, over
able writing
lith front
archaeo hundred
hydr against, opposite
intra around, about
centi ring, circle
inter man, human (Latin)
deci winter
baro ten
hypo water
dorm within, inside
grad well, good
brev break
hyper without
extra breakdown, downward
bene star

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