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IPC Scientific Latin Roots 1-90

Suzi Burroughs

No description

eous high
duct air
cell ring, circle
ante stick, club
kilo windpipe
auto the act of
circum sleep
cosmo nature of, like
milli outside of
ecto hundredth
capit meat, flesh
agri tenth
dynam capable of
elle denotes a place for something
cycle heart
audi weight
calor joint, articulation
deca world, order, form
ana of or pertaining to
able now, recent
entom hidden, covered
cule head
aero lead
cirru chamber, small room
arium primitive, ancient
arthr bad, abnormal, difficult
aceous breakdown, downward
crypt against
dys skull
cata small
eco begin to grow
anter field, soil
meter self
hecta house
atmos great, million
alto hear
aster measurement
micro both
counter tooth
dent around, about
ate insects
dors indivisible (Greek)
coll ten
deci power
crani hear
acous thousandth
baro glue
carn back
cene front
bacter finger
centi hair-like curls
anemo small, millionth
dactyl up, back, again
mega wind
archaeo heat
cardi hundred
dorm small, diminutive
ambi star
bronch before, ahead of time
cresc thousand

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