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Law Studies 1


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Government Author of the book Leviathan
Legislative Gov. in which all power is help by a single central group
Population To furnish or provide with what is lacking
Judicial System by which society makes
Territory How most dictators take over
Hobbes An organization that works for a specific cause
Function The Branch of the Gov. that deals with the courts
Federal The amount of people in a specific area
Force The ideas or beliefs of one or many individuals
Unitary General ideas derived from specific occurrences
Concepts Theory that certain people should rule by God's orders
Executive The branch of Gov. that makes laws
Theories The way a group of people use their resources
Economy A Gov. in which the people have political authority
Foundation Area a nation or state occupies
Democracy The purpose of something
Demand Complete control of power
Divine Right Gov. in which power is divided between central
Supply Ask for with proper authority
Sovereignty Branch of Gov. in which a person or group oversees all

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