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Legal Terms

Taylor Saunders


Patricide sex without consent (not an underage person cannot legally give consent)
Robbery Obtaining money or goods by deliberately telling lies; eg “A” says he will paint “B’s” house fo $2,000, so “B” gives “A” a part/all of the money, but then “A” takes the money without doing any of the work
Rape Threatening orders for personal gain or loss from another
Murder The intention and unlawful killing of a person
Burglary Father-Killing
Infanticide Unlawfully entering property
Actus Reus The actual striking of a person eg. Punch in the face, or throwing a stone and hitting a person
Looting Mother-Killing
Blackmail Child-Killing
Battery Stealing whilst victom(s) is present
Arson The unlawful killing of another without evil intention
Matricide Stealing from premises in times of disorder, eg. War, disaster, plots
Manslaughter Self-Killing
Suicide The criminal act
Child-Destruction a person with an intent to make a demand for his/her release
Extortion The intent to attempt a criminal act
Breaking and Entering deliberately intending to set fire to the property/goods of others unlawfully
Fraud Entering a prohibted area
Tresspass Unlawfully entering a house or building and stealing goods when no-one else is present
Kidnapping Abortion of a life-capable baby
Mens Rea deliberate destruction of the property of others.
Malicious Damage Threatening another to make them pay money

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