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NSL, Unit 4 Review

Joe Sangillo

Complete the puzzle below. If your response has more than one word, leave a blank in between words.

contract Every citizen has this right when accused of a crime; when a celebrity is accused of a crime "freedom of the press" can conflict with it
probable cause man who was denied a lawyer; led to Supreme Court decision mandating every citizen has the right to a lawyer, even if they cannot afford one.
plea bargain this amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarenteed due process rights at the state and local level
plaintiff rights read to someone accused of a crime
breach a decision between a prosecutor and a defendant that has the defendant plead guilty to a lesser crime than the one the defendant is charged with. This leads to no trial (saving the government time and money) and a lighter sentence for the defendant.
defendant a group of citizens who listen to the evidence a prosecutor has about a crime and decide if there is enough evidence to press charges
Miranda the group of citizens who listen to witnesses at a trial and decide guilt or innocence (in a criminal trial) or liability (in a civil trial)
fourteenth the person on trial for a crime, or ther person being sued
fourth a serious crime
misdemeanor the person bringing a civil lawsuit against someone
Gideon issued by a judge, declares why a person is being held.
writ of habeas corpus a written agreement between two or more people
reasonable doubt a reasonable belief that a crime has been committed or might be committed
subpoena the power of the government to purchase at a fair price property from private citizens for the common good, even if the private citizens don't want to sell
fair trial the government lawyer who leads the trial against a defendant
felony a type of crime, usually minor crime
grand jury term associated with all the rights of the accused.
indictment a formal statement charging a person with a crime, determined by grand jury
petit jury a court order for a witness to appear to testify
eminent domain when one person breaks a contract
due process Without this, the jury is supposed to declare the defendant not guilty
prosecutor this amendment prevents the government from conducting illegal searches and seizures

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