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K. Kay Allen

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Perjury Titles given to law cases
Sovereignty Discussion between two people trying to come to an agreement
Customary Every country has the right to make its own laws about its people, government and territory
Codify Lying in court
Multilateral To write down the law
Equity Laws created by Parliament
Retribution Binding agreements freely entered into among countries
Natural Institution that represents the people and their wishes
Hammurabi Government imposed by kings and lords on serfs
Precedent Law that is unwritten but are practices that are consistently followed
Diplomats Male dominated society
Adultery An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
Nationals Province that bases its civil law on the concept of equity.
Patriarchal Repaying or replacing what you have damaged/broken
Positive People above the law that immunity from civil and criminal prosecution when in other countries
Restitution Treaties involving three or more states
Citation The concept that laws should be fair and justy
Negotiation All people are equal under the law
Quebec The country you were born in will go out of their way to protect you
Equality Treaties between two states
Case Laws created by people
Parliament Sex outside of marriage
Feudalism Law that is recorded
Treaty Laws created by God
Bilateral An example that is referred to by those that follow
Statutes The first king to write down the law

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