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Tort Law


terms used in a 9th grade Law Related Education class relating to tort law

product liability used to punitsh the defendant for willful, maliciaous, or outrageous conduct
tort unauthorized entry onto someone else's real estate
trespass a dangerous feature or improvement on real estate that is likely to attact young children
comparative negligence failure of a professional (i.e. doctor, lawyer,etc.) to practice to the prevailing standards of care in the community
reasonable person land and the improvements and things attached to it
attractive nuisance a false statemen that is communcated to a third part causing harm to the plaintiff
wrongful death the legal responsibility of makers and sellers of products fo injuries casused by defects in products they make or sell
malpractice the standard by which conduct is judged negligent or not
defamation a civil finding that a death was caused by the neglignence of another party
real estate the legal responsiblity to do or not todo something
tortfeasor a portion of the negligence and responsiblity for damages is assigned to the plaintiff
battery unauthorized touching or striking anothe person
negligence a person or entity that commits a tort
assumption of risk a legal defense; where a person is considered to have voluntarily accepted a known risk of danger
punitive damages a civil wrong
conversion failure to observe and practice ordinary care in an activity where a duty is breached
liability the tort equivalent of the crime of theft

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