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Eric Ebbott

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strength What Parsons is arrested for
bigbrother The ministry that runs the lottery
newspeak Where Winston first commites thought crime
london Author's name
airplanes An inner party member
fiction Winston's neighbors
peace Where Julia and Winston first meet
thoughtcrime Main character
plenty The lowest class is called
brotherhood What the party claims to have invented
proles Ignorance is _____
five The department Winston works in
telescreen War is _____
obrien Organization against the party
picture What the telescreen was behind
georgeorwell The department Julia works in
records Where Winston lives
rats _______ Week
slavery Enemy of the party
julia ______ Gin
syme Thought ______
comrade Winston's wife
blackberry Winston's lover
martin O'Brien's butler
police Leaves for subsitute tea
katherine The shop where Julia and Winston stay
charrington The ministry where thought criminals are kept
parsons Winston's friend
hate What do they make winston believe 2 2 equals
paddington How they adress each other
winston What Winston is afraid of
chocolat What winston stole from his sister
love Freedom is _____
goldstein The language Oceania
diary Leader of Oceania
victory What watches citizens of Oceania

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