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George Orwell

Alex Ge2nd PeriodPledged

Syme This is the official language of Oceania.
England The building Winston lives in at the beginning of the story is named this.
strength Winston buys a coral glass paperweight from Mr.___________
VictoryMansions A telescreen is hidden behind the picture of __________ Church
thoughtpolice Winston and the city prepare for ____ Week
EmmanuelGoldstein Because O’Brien is a high official, he is able to turn this off at his dwelling.
Ogilvy Two plus two equals _____.
Plenty When Winston wakes up, he must do a series of exercises known as _____________.
Hate Airstrip One used to be called _______.
unperson __________ is sent to Room 101 for leaving "God" in a translation.
physicaljerks The children of Mrs.______ are Junior Spies and also Winston’s neighbor
Newspeak During lunch, Winston and Julia plans a meeting in _____________, where they will be safe in the crowd.
Julia After Syme vanishes, he has become an "________."
bigbrother This person works in the Ministry of Truth. He works with language, and his intelligence seals his own fate.
Europe At the beginning of the book, Winston is how old? Spell out as one word.
Victorysquare In the end, Winston spends most of his time at the _______________.
telescreen For Winston, the torture in Room 101 would involve ____.
Parsons Winston wrote "down with __________" in his diary over and over again.
stclements Winston and Julia visits O'Brien, falsely believing that O'Brien opposes the Party, and joins this organization.
thirtynine Mr. Charrington is a member of the _____________.
brotherhood This is the number one enemy of the people.
rats The Ministry of ______ handles economic problems.
Ampleforth War is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is ________.
five Eurasia was created when Russia took over all of ______
thoughtcrime Winston replaces Comrade Withers in the speech with Comrade ______.
chestnuttreepub By writing in the diary, Winston has committed ____________.
Charrington This person passed Winston a note saying "I love you."

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