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Agatha Christie Titles


Agatha Christie's books have only been outsold by the Bible and Shakespeare!

Chimneys Poirot's bumbling side-kick
Pigeons You catch rodents in this
Poirot "Mystery of the ____ Train"
French "The Man in the ___ ___" (a colored garmet)
Nile "___ by Innocence"
Rye Tommy's wife
Peril "They came" to this city
Folly Not adultery, Christie's 'mysterious' first book about 'Styles'
Hastings How many 'Dials' were in this mystery?
Funerals Don't "Pyne" over him . . .
Links Last name of the actor that uses his "little grey cells" on tv's "Mystery"
Affair The only German city mentioned in an AC title
stmarymead "Cat Among the ___"
Pale "____ at End House"
Ariadne Not just one 'sin,' but two . . .
JaneMarple Murder is at this holiday's 'party'
Red "Murder in ____" (Think archaelogical dig)
Evans The surname of Christie's most famous detective
Suchet The mistaken ethnicity of Hercule
Zero What Poirot's job was while living in Belgium
Mousetrap "Destination ___"
Clouds "The Murder of ____ Ackroyd"
Baghdad Original name for "And Then There Were None" was "10 Little . . ."
Elephants If Pisa was a 'house' it might be called this
Five This lady might be old, but she's still sharp!
Tuppence "There's no need to fear" when you've got these "stories" here . . .
Felicity Last name of Superintendent
Ordeal This is in the 'library.'
Blue "Death in the ___" takes place on an airplane
Mesopotamia Maybe Keri Russell would know the first name of Miss Lemon
Paddington Tic-toc, you must be reading "The ___"
Crooked The chief inspector of Scotland Yard
Japp These sad events are 'Fatal.'
Sun "Sad ___"
Frankfurt "4:15 From ____"
Parker 3 words, but a mouse is probably running up a clock
Curtain "Death on the ____"
Underdog The color of the infamous kimono in 'Orient Express'
Cyanide Not the first nor the second 'girl'
Clocks Hercule Poirot's twin
Policeman An unlucky number of dinner guests
Seven How many 'Little Pigs' were there?
Unknown These animals "Can Remember"
Tuesday "Dead Man's ___"
Thirteen Come to think of it, 'why didn't they ask' him?
Double 3 words, name of the village where Miss Marple resides
Roger "Towards ____"
Cypress Cinderella might dance at this 14 karat event
Indians "Evil Under the ___"
Third This poison sometimes "sparkles"
HickoryDickoryDeath Maybe a Mary Poppin song will help you think of the secret here; plural
BrownSuit At last, Christie killed Poirot off in this book.
GoldenBall Is your pocket full of this?
Achilles Murder takes place at the British word for golf course
Battle "The ____ Horse"
Halloween This "club" meets early in the week for murders
Body Miss Oliver's first name

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