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Animal Farm


No description

factions controled
malignity evident; obvious
pre-eminent oppressive power
posthumously hard working
pretext despicable
disinterred to injure with deep disfiguring wounds by cutting, tearing, or crushing
knacker to rest
repose able to speak
obstinante unchangeable
coccidiosis mysterious
stupified something comparatively worthless
expounded after death
flagstaff a small wood with undergrowth
enmity resentment
tractable group
cryptic amazed
articulate dirty
complicity stuborn
scullery in order by category
manifestly infestation with coccidia
arable delicate
mangles someone who buys up old horses for the slaughter
countenance gorceful; persuasive way of speach
laborous explained in detail
mincing a collector of taxes
infanticide flag pole
publican a room for cleaning
spinney positive, active
perpendicularity to be or become old
parasitical to ungrave
sordid land fit for growing crops
capitulated calm facial expression
eloqunce outstanding
tyranny a motive assumed in order to cover the real intention
categorically different opinions
gruding something that feeds off living things
supernannuated the act of killing an infant
chaff individuals of dissimilar type or on different levels
ignominious imposible to control
dissentients intense ill will or hatred
unalterrable to give up resistance
irrepressible involvement as an accomplice in a questionable act

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