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The Bean Trees

Keener Carrigan

This is a crossword puzzle using the vocabulary terms and definitions from the book 'The Bean Trees'

Notarize to sign as a notary public
Bewilderment physically or materially strong
Jibbering meaningless language
Perturbed to jump back, rebound from
Persistent looking ready to fall down
Cicadas nonsense
Horticulture an indeterminately large number
Taunting the house provided by a church for its pastor
Ulterior to confuse
Greengrocer to collect by rummaging
Jillion alcoholic liquor
Scrounge staying only a short time.
Picayune going beyond what is openly said
Cellophane to come out from a source
Catatonic force or threaten
Silo to make an active search
Prosthetic to disturb greatly
Condone stubbornly determined
Dilapidated honor or respect felt or shown
Endogenous the science of growing fruits
Rigamarole pretend to be someone else
Transient colorless imitation diamond
Rhinestones a person selling fresh vegetables and fruit
Coerce lattice used to support climbing plants
Reverence a thin transparent
Parsonage caused by factors inside the organism or system
Imposter of little value
Ascendant a state or position of commanding power
Prudish partly ruined or decayed
Asphyxation to treat (something bad) as acceptable
Emanating loud buzzing stout-bodied insects
Hooch characterized by a marked lack of movement
Trauma to burn dry, wilt, or turn brown
Stout produced as if by an electric shock
Trellis a lack of oxygen
Rummage a person who cares about proper speech it's annoying
Galvanic a serious bodily injury
Resilient a deep bin for storing material (as coal)
Scorched to provoke or challenge
Ramshackle an artificial part of the body

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