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Burton Raffel

No description

bolted a member of another Germanic tribe
fetter cringing in fear
vane a shackle or chain ; restraint
purge welthow, wife of Hrothgar.
boar headed helments the den of a wild animal
threshold the tendons that connect muscles to bones
Wulfing a narrow point of land extening into a body of water
edgetho the strip of wood or stone at the bottom of a doorway
affliction a journey to a sacred place or with a lofty purpose
healfdane's son a cause of pain or distress
gorge discolored ; black and blue
pilgrimage disgusting ; hateful
loathsome gray with age.
murky ran away ; fled
livid to enjoy keenly
relish broad, open regions with patches of bog.
taut a claw
lament Beowulf ' s father
writhing Germanic warriors often wore helmets bearing the images if wild pigs or other fierce creatures in the hope that theimages would increase their ferocity and protect them against their enemies.
hoary an audible expression of grief ; wail
cowering to stuff with food
talon pulled tight
moors twisting in pain writhe
sinews cloudy ; gloomy
lair hrothgar
queen a device that turns to show the direction the wind is blowing.
infamous having a bad reputation ; notorious
spit to cleanse or purify

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