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Canturbury Tales Vocabulary

Ms. Bendit

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secular happiness
bream hard to understand
arbitrate group, clothing
solicitous expressing pain or sorrows for sins committed
engender strong cotton and linen fabric
garnish honesty
absolution scornful, showing hate for something
prelate worldly
sanguine gentle disposition
abstruse several
vouch chant
accrue rude
palfrey one who engages in an excessive amount of sexual activity
contemptuous to settle a dispute
arrears combat on horses between knights
fustian spoken with little regard for the truth
lanyard food
ecclesiast (verb) pardon
wanton cautious
double worsted decorate
benign proves
hostelry monastery
glib wool fabric made with long yarn
array unpaid debts
intone reproduce, procreate
verity lewd (sexually unchaste), sensual
cloister excess
penitents inn, hotel
buffoon concerned
sundry lie
lecher a high ranking clergyman, a monk
malady clown
felicity priest
boorish illness
shrive saddle horse, usually one suitable for a lady
effigy ruddy complexion or cheerful
joust accumulate
wary fish
victual an image or likeness of a person
eminent standing above all others in rank, merit, or virtue
superfluity forgiveness of sins
prevarication cord worn around the neck to hold a knife

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