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*~Cavishia Andrena' Roberson~*

No description

April enjoyed the pleasures of life(Epicurus' son)
Haberdasher Good man eventhough he is poor.
Knight Seller of men's clothing
Cook Traveled to give thanks for his accomplishments.
Franklin Father of English Literature
Limiter Student who loved learning.
OxfordCleric Traveling with the knight and the squire.
Spring traveled with the guildsmen.
TabardInn A group of people that worked the land.
Squire People associated with the church
Monk A bride of Christ known as Madam Eglantyne
ASerjeantattheLaw The season that the travelers went on the pilgrimage.
Palmer Taught that the gold of life is pleasure,which is achieved through virtue and moderation.
EcclesiasticalGroup White Food.
Epicurus His favorite past time was hunting.
Yeoman Businessman that was in debt.
StChristopher Where the pilgrims met and started their journey.
Parson Patron saint of hospitality.
Blancmange Traveling with the parson.
StJulian Merchants and other people in the towns
Plowman Helped only those who gave something in return.
FeudalGroup Very good lawyer;never makes mistakes in his work.
Merchant Traveled the farthest;owned a barge named Maudelayne
Nun Friar having the exclusive right to beg and preach in an assigned district
Host Young man training to be a knight
UrbanGroup Month that people traveled for the pilgrimage.
Chaucer People who traveled to the Holy Land several times.
MiddleEnglish Suggested that the travelers have a storytelling contest.
Friar The language of The Canterbury Tales
Skipper Patron saint of travelers.

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