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Character Traits

Irma Gatica

words that describe a (real or fictional) character's personality, feelings, thoughts, or actions

respectful expressing sorrow or sadness
desperate unable to wait
confused giving confidence to
resentful giving support or assistance
mysterious without hope or confidence
reassuring judging severely and finding fault
critical unable to think clearly
weary full of anger or meanness
spiteful lacking self confidence, shy
sensitive having great excitement
encouraging causing wonder and question
solemn showing respect
self-centered physically or mentally tired
timid high-strung or jumpy
unreasonable easily offended or irritated
relieved free from pain, anxiety, or distress
supportive dangerous or harmful
nervous having lost all hope
hopeful showing an urge to hurt or humiliate
threatening serious
menacing selfish
enthusiastic terrible or unpleasant
informative funny
dreadful not able to reason or make sense
discouraged having hope
indignant providing information
sorrowful giving or sharing
generous giving confidence or courage
humorous considerate, attentive
impatient troublesome or annoying
thoughtful full of anger

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