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Edgar Allan Poe

Jackie Edwards

A crossword of one of America's greatest poetry/prose writer.

EveningStar The sequel to Rue Morgue.
MasqueoftheRedDeath People in olden times were afraid of this; Poe made it a tale of horror.
Baltimore Poe's birthplace, in Massachusetts. Poe was born in 1809.
The FalloftheHouseofUsher A pretty light, seen at twilight.
ThePrematureBurial People seek it at least once in their lives.
Lee Nevermore.
Eldorado An Egyptian statue, within whose paws sits the Dream Steli; a Poe tale.
Romance Calming music; something Romeo may have sung to Juliet.
AValentine The city of gold.
Hymn The ____-____ Heart
Serenade A classical Poe horror story; deals with death.
Tell-Tale Annabell
TheSphinx A church song.
Boston A famous Poe short story.
TheMurdersInTheRueMorgue One of Poe's greatest mysteries; it has a sequel.
The Raven Something you give to your sweetheart on February 14th.
TheMysteryofMarieRoget Poe died here in 1849. (In Maryland.)

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