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Figurative Language

Samantha Stutzman

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Personification Words that express the five senses
Denotation Apparent paradox achieved by the juxtapostion of words which contradict one another
Assonance Addressing someone absent or dead as if they were alive
Simile Using something to represent something else
Alliteration Obvious exaggeration
Oxymoron Words that sound like the words they make
Rhythm Comparing two unlike objects
Cliche Repitition of the same sound in words close to each other
Hyperbole A mode of expression through words
Metonymy Underlying meaning/implicit meaning
Metaphor The close repetition of the same end consonants
Imagry Overused phrase or saying
Consonance Giving human characteristics to animals and other objects
Connotation Saying less that one means
Apostrophe An artistic device
Repetition Words that start with the same sound
Symbolism Using something closely related to the actual thing meant
Understatement Regular or progressive pattern of recurrent accents in the flow of a poem
Irony Comparing two unlike objects using like or as
Onomatopoeia Dictionary Definition

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