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The Gothic Romantics

Mrs. Clark

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characters In what way does Madeline's surrender on the night she is entombed alive contribute to the single effect Poe strives for?
specious He is one of the anti-transcendentalist authors
Mr. Hooper Gnerous (vocab)
venerable Not showing proper respect (vocab)
impertinent The raven represents the stages of _____
symbol Moby Dick has several ______ of meaning
iniquity Capacity of feeling (vocab)
harpoon The veil represents this feeling
visage The _______'s Black Veil
obeisance He is one of the anti-transcendentalist authors
pequod His ____shall be lifted---nevermore!
inscrutable Melville worked a long time as a sailor on this body of water
theme Edgar Allan ___
guilt Not the coffee restaurant but loyal mate
tremulous Captain
grief Abnormal (vocab)
Hawthorne He is a depressed eccentric
craven Sin (vocab)
Minister Shrewd; perceptive (vocab)
Melville Nme or title (vocab)
Gothic The _____
importunate Seeming to be good or sound without actually being so (vocab)
sentience Curses (vocab)
allegory A ____________ or otherwordly element is often present in Gothic writings
Ishmael Hawthorne is a descendant of these people
Soul _________ in Gothic stories are in psychological and/or physical torment
supernatural Unpredictable occurrence (vocab)
foreboding Rodrick's twin sister
Usher Intended to attract notice; showy (vocab)
Poe The sermon lectured on in Hawthorne's story is about this
poison "I look around me, and lo! on every ______ a Black Veil!"
Madeline The Fall of the House of _____
vagary Moby Dick was easy to spot because of his tail and his _________
whale The veil is one of these literary devices
Raven This person wears a veil
secretsins Stubbornness (vocab)
anomalous A story with both a literal and a symbolic meaning
obstinacy Gothic style is set in bleak or ______ places
waggery Unyieldingly (vocab)
nevermore Gesture of respect (vocab)
Starbuck Mischievous humor (vocab)
appellation Gothic style plots involve _______ or violent incidents
Cousin Moby Dick is this type of mammal
macabre Poe married his first ______
Lenore It is a central message revealed by a literary work and is often expressed through the use of symbols
Ostentatious Commanding respect (vocab)
sagacious Not able to be easily understood (vocab)
parable This is a simple, usually brief, story that teaches a moral lesson
munificent Very cowardly (vocab)
crookedjaw Genre that Poe exemplifies
prescient A beloved who has passed away
pertinaciously "Call me _______." (the narrator)
Rodrick Moby Dick expresses the theme of the mysteries of _________
layers Some believed Poe died of something like this, i.e. arsenic
existence Having knowledge (vocab)
ahab Name of Moby's nemesis' vessel
remote A bird says this all the time
SouthPacific This is used to snare and kills whales
Puritans Characterized by trembling (vocab)
maledictions Insistent (vocab)

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