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Great Expectations

Charles Dickens

No description

Blacksmith Main character in story
Miss Havisham The pale young man
bridal dress Joe's journeyman
Compeyson Miss Havisham's half-brother
Matthew Pocket Herbert's girlfriend
Joe Angry lady
stinger Leads rescue party
Mrs Pocket The spider
Biddy Miss Havisham wore
forge Pip's teacher
Trasbb's boy Joe's workplace
Arthur Takes care of Joe's wife
Wemmick Jaggers' clerk
Three Jolly Bargeman What injured Mrs. Joe?
Drummle Wemmick's father
Orlick Joe's uncle
Magwitch Miss Havisham's fiance
Herbert Local tavern
Estella Young, slight man studying to be a gentleman
Jaggers Wemmick's cannon
Startop Joe's job
Pip Miss Havisham's daughter
leg iron Lawyer
Pumblechook Pip's sister
Aged Parent Pip's brother-in-law
Mrs Joe Herbert's mother
Clara First convict

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