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The Great Gatsby

Miss Pysyk

No description

Ponies This novel takes place during the _______ age
Gunshot Cheaters never prosper
Stock Broker Nick's place of residence (two wds)
Pammy The author's first name
Books Gatsby's supposed alma matter
Optometrist Dr. T.J. Eckleberg's assumed profession
Montenegro The not-so-happily marrieds
Oxford Not the turtle
Baseball Owns a garage
New York Tom brings down a string of ___________
James Gatz The Eggs are part of _______________ (2 wds)
One Because of this, Gatsby's profession is illegal
Metropol The boarder
Buchanans Daisy wishes her daughter to be a ___________
Fool Nick's line of work (2 wds)
Prohibition Wolfsheims' favorite bar
Dreams Gatsby's profession when he first met Daisy
Carraway Gatsby's brand of car (2 wds)
Bootlegger The book takes place after world War _____
Letter Sometimes _____________ just need to be let go
Daisy Gatsby's (full) real name
Jordan Witnessed the hit-and-run
Wolfshiem The tiny Buchanan
Lond Island "_________, _____________, give me your answer true"
West Egg Wolfshiem's cufflinks are made of ___________
Dan Cody Gatsby's line of work
Christmas Card Gatsby's a hero to the residents of _____________
Puppy The novel is set during the _____________ twenties
Klipspringer Place between the Eggs (3 wds)
Molars Owl-Eyes can't believe they're real
Jazz Gatsby's manner of death
Michaelis Tom's gift to his mistress
Valley Of Ashes Gatsby was to inherit money from __________ (2 wds)
Myrtle Mr. Cody is the reason Gatsby does not _____________
Soldier The cause of Daisy's panic attack before her wedding
Roaring Gatsby flashes what at the police officer? (2 wds)
Wilson Nick's surname
Rolls Royce Location of Tom's love nest (2 wds)
Drink Gatsby's "gonnegtion"
Francis World Series sport

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