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Gulliver's Travels

F Walker

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Glumdalclitch Thought Gulliver's country must have bad neighbors
stile Title used for great lords in Lilliput (Lilliput)
drurr Another word for looking glass (Infer from passage.)
corn Would only break eggs on the large end (Lilliput)
Cushion Name of large barrels used to give Gulliver a drink(Lilliput)
Satire Thought Gulliver to be a coward
Blefuscu As large as partridges; Gulliver removed their stingers
Wednesday Literary technique using ridicule to improve society
Lilliput Pestered Gulliver until he cut them to pieces
Gulliver About a fourteenth of an inch (Lilliput)
voyage Land of giants
Hogsheads Set of steps for climbing over a hedge
pernicious Destructive;wicked (vocabulary)
thread A human creature not six inches high (Lilliput)
Hurgo Used to tie Gulliver (Lilliput)
beards Represents France (Lilliput)
Lilliputian Tried to attack Gulliver at the farmer's house
scream High heels and low heels (Lilliput)
wasps Blue-colored reward for leaping and creeping (Lilliput)
rats Last name of Gulliver's mortal enemy (Lilliput)
parties Day of sabbath in Brobdingnag
vermin The prince asked Gulliver if he was a Whig or a ______.
Swift Went to sea as a ship's doctor
Big-Endian Farmer's daughter and Gulliver's dear friend
gold Gulliver's country was compared to odious ______.
flies One-hundred twenty feet tall
Ligatures Author of Gulliver's Travels - Last Name
Bolgolam Kept Flimnap from breaking his neck (Lilliput)
philosophers Ironically, part of corn that pierced Gulliver's clothes
mirror Gulliver presented this to the farmer
Honor Kept Gulliver from smashing the people of Lilliput (Lilliput)
Brobdingnag Gulliver bowing to a tiny king is an example of ____.
Little-Endian Forty feet tall
Tory Would only break eggs on the small end (Lilliput)
hedge Thought Gulliver dropped from the moon or stars(Lilliput)
hair Gulliver regretted accepting a second _______.
King Children played hide-and-seek in Gulliver's____.(Lilliput)
irony What Gulliver did to make the giant aware of his presence
Queen Enemy country of Blefuscu (Lilliput)

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