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Hamlet Word Scramble

Julian Cardenas

Words involving the shakespeare play HAMLET.

Denmark Everyone in the Royal family of Denmark dies by this substance
Rapier Hamlet's friend and closet confident
Horatio How Ophelia died
Pirates The prince of Denmark
France Son of Polonius
Gertrude Daughter of Polonius
Chalice Queen of Denmark
Ophelia The name of the court Jester Hamlet once knew
Poison What Hamlet rips through with his sword to kill Polonius
Bodkin Writer of "Hamlet"
Fortinbras What kind of sword do Hamlet and Laertes fight each other with?
Rosencrantz This is what Hamlet wants to claim because of his father's murder
Pearl What is the symbol of a Skull?
Revenge The country they are in
Hamlet These people take Hamlet captive
Marriage Noble servant to the Royal Family of Denmark
Apparition The name of the Castle
Polonius The traveling group that performed for the court
Elsinore Name for the cup that the Queen drank from
Players The name for a dagger
Arras The old king talked to Hamlet as this...
Yorick New King of Denmark
England Prince of Norway
Laertes The country that Laertes leaves to
Poland The country Hamlet is sent to
Guildenstern Hamlet is angry with his mother for commiting this act with his uncle
Ghost A courtier to the Danish court ; first letter of name "R"
Drowned A courtier to the Danish court ; first letter of name "G"
Death Fortinbras attacks this country
Claudius Claudius drops this into the Chalice of drink
Shakespeare The word they call a "Ghost"

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