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Janelle Munson

A review of Hamlet and Shakespeare.

Laertes Queen's name
Three Number of acts in Hamlet
Globe Hamlet is this type of play
Five He spied on his children and Hamlet
Gertrude Hamlet's most famous soliloquy
Soliloquy Shakespeare's nickname
Norway A long speech given by a character
Tragedy Number of children Shakespeare had
KingsMen Name of Shakespeare's troupe
Fortinbras Shakespeare's wife
Claudius This character drowns
Horatio He murdered his brother
Denmark Hamlet's confidant
Tobeornottobe she was queen when Hamlet was written
AnneHathaway Country that threatens war with Denmark
BardofAvon Name of the castle
Polonius Name of Norwegian Prince
Ophelia Shakespeare's theater
Elsinore Name of the country Hamlet is set in
Elizabeth He's murdered by his own sword

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