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Marian Campbell

A puzzle to provide background on THE ILIAD before students begin THE ODYSSEY

Penelope Story of the Trojan War
Poseidon Wife of Menelaus and most beautiful woman in the world
Telemachus Greek hero who devised the trick of the Trojan Horse
Odysseus King of Sparta
Iliad Brother of Menelaus and another Greek king
Sinon Greek who helped Odysseus fool the Trojans
epic A long, narrative poem
Helen Priest of Poseidon
Ten Mortally wounded in battle because of his "weak" spot
Agamemnon Sequel to The Iliad
Homer Greek god of the sea
Ithaca Number of years of the Trojan War
Achilles Brave Trojan warrior
Hector Blind poet
Paris Wife of Odysseus
Odyssey Trojan prince who captured Helen and took her to Troy
Menelaus Home of Odysseua
Laocoon Son of Penelope and Odysseus

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