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The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

William Shakespeare

No description

Resolution usually ends in death (type of play)
Penny Three men governing body in Rome
AnneHathaway Climax occurs in this act
Artemidorus Writes letter of warning to Caesar
EtTuBrute Number of times Caesar refused crown
Thrice play on words
Soliliquy When reader knows something character does not
Manipulation Name of theater Shakespeare built
DramaticIrony Reason main character's demise in a tragedy
Soothsayer Addressing the audience so others do not hear
IdesofMarch Cassius forging letters is example of this type of action
Calphurnia Type of speech Antony gives at Caesar's funeral
Tragedy Day of Doom in Julius Caesar
Pun Lead conspirator in Julius Caesar
April Wife of Caesar
Triumverate This element of plot occurs in Act I
Youngmen speech of feelings
Antony Name of play we are reading
Expositon Any you Brutus
Tragicflaw Wife of Brutus
Three Price groundlings paid to get into theater
Monologue Female roles played by this group
TheGlobe Caesar's honorable sidekick
Aside Psychic
StratforduponAvon Outcome of the play
Cassius Month Shakespeare was born
TheTragedyofJuliusCaesar Shakespeare's wife
Taper Shakespeare's birthplace
Portia Candle

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