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To Kill A Mockingbird ch. 1-9

Harper Lee

Vocabulary for TKAM

analagous powerless; useless
concede wise; fair
unfathomable the act of frightening
ethical an exaggerated cartoon of someone
tacit absolutely powerful
impotent satisfaction; clarification
judicious next; following in order
caricature unable to be understood
tyrranical stubbornly argumentative
aberration eveil, threatening
malevolent native to a region
alleged in a pondering manner
imprudent supposed
malignant morally correct
indigenous literally, ill will
ramshackle silent
accost similar to
persevere the act of taking something apart
contemptuous to ease
benevolence positive
invective undwise; rash
provocation to attack physically
edification good will
entity dilapidated
obstreperous sinfullness
asinine teasing
assuage a written attack
libel a being
meditatively an abnormality
dismemberment an insult; a creaming attack
iniquity idiotic
tranquility continue doggedly
auspicious scornful
subsequent serenity
intimidation to give up

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