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Maria T.

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Ross The setting for MacBeth.
Banquo The murder of a parent.
Parricide Unbreakable.
Malcolm The century MacBeth took place in.
Oracle The wife of MacBeth.
LadyMacbeth Accompanies Macbeth to Duncan's chambers.
Macbeth King Duncan's oldest son.
Eleventh Duncan's youngest son, flees Ireland.
Lennox Wants revenge against MacBeth, succeeds in beheading him during battle.
Indissoluble Person believed to have special knowledge.
Donalbain Symbolize evil.
Scotland Make very angry.
Hecate Evil King of Scotland-took the throne from Duncan.
YoungSiward A Scottish noble and cousin of Macduff.
Seton Son of Siward.
MacDuff Scold.
Incensed Queen of witches.
Witches Only officer that stays loyal to MacBeth.
Siward Verteran military officer, ally of Malcolm.
Chide General in Duncan's army.

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