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MacBeth Crossword

Dustin Hill

No description

Prince MacBeth ____________ Duncan.
Beheaded Monarchs ruled by Divine ________ in the Elizabethan era.
Verse Malcolm flees to here after Duncan's murder.
Dunsinane Duncan's younger son.
Deathbell Act containing the climax of MacBeth.
Banquo Signal for MacBeth to go to Duncan's room to commit murder.
Witches Country ruled by Duncan.
Cawdor The witches are told by the devil to _________ MacBeth.
Three "When all the _________ ________'s done, When the battle's lost and won"- Witches
Lords Banquo's son.
England MacBeth's only title before the Thane of Cawdor.
Donalbain Lady MacBeth washes invisible ______ from her hands.
Right Person with MacBeth when the witches first speak to him.
Father Name of MacBeth's Castle.
Five MacBeth sees Banquo's ________ at his party.
Hurlyburly First three characters to appear in MacBeth.
ThaneofGlames Person that kills MacBeth.
Guilty MacBeth cannot be killed by any man _____ of woman.
Ghost MacBeth becomes Thane of _______ after being Thane of Glames.
Blood The boss of the witches, also known as the devil.
MacDuff Duncan looks to much like Lady MacBeth's ________ for her to kill him.
Guards Position of power between King and Thane.
Suicide The woods that must come to MacBeth before he can be killed.
Fleance Number of acts in Shalespeare's tragedies.
Confuse Synonym for peers, status of Macduff.
Scotland MacBeth feels ________ after killing Duncan.
Hecate The powering emotion that drives MacBeth to commit murder.
Assassinates Iambic Pentameter is often called Blank ______.
Born People MacBeth killed becasue he "couldn't hold back his emotions".
Birnamwood How Lady MacBeth dies.
Greed MacBeth is _____________ by MacDuff.

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