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People of Macbeth

Angela Millsaps

No description

fleance killed by macbeth personally in the beginning of battle
macbeth king of scottland; murdered by macbeth
donalbain hired by macbeth to kill banquo and fleance
gentlewoman is told by the 3 witches that he will be lesser than macbeth but greater, not so happy but much happier, and that his sons will be future kings
hecate named prince of cumberland
yound siward macbeth's servant
lady macbeth earl of northumberland
ross thane of cawdor before macbeth; sentenced to death
lennox comes up with the plot to kill duncan
macdonwald son of duncan; fled to ireland
malcolm killed along with her children with macduff flees
porter sick nasty leader of the 3 witches
banquo awesomely hilarious drunk guy who answers the door at macbeths crib
three murderers a scottish noble who questions macbeth
macduff the 3 witches that pretty much start the whole conflict by telling macbeth that he will be a future king
lady macduff escapes the murder of macbeth 3 hired murders
seyton kills macbeth
duncan macbeth's cousin
siward kills duncan; becomes power crazed; gets killed by macduff
the 3 wierd sisters observes lady macbeth sleep walking, racked with guilt

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