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The Middle Ages

The Tales They Told

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king The people of cities were __________, not tied to the land and its owner, nor to knighthood and chivalry.
women The Black Death of _____________plague, struck England in 1348-1349 and was spread by fleas carried on rats.
romance appointed barons and noblemen to serve as his vassals.
Norman The code an practice of chivalry brough about a new form of literature called _______________.
knights The _____________________Conquest brought England into mainstream Europe.
feudalism The Magna Carta weakened the _____________ of the king and formed a basis for later English laws.
free Much of the art from the Medieval Period, reflects the lives and interests of the ______________class.
middle had no political rights under feudalism. Their lives were spend rearing children, working in fields and around the house.
bubonic had to behave to strict code of chivalry.
power were at the bottom in a feudalistic system. They were laborers who were not free to leave the nobleman's land.
sir When some is knighted they receive the title, _________.
serfs was a pyramid of power.

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