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A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Play by William Shakespeare

No description

Egeus queen of the fairies
francisflute the weaver who has the head of an ass
peterquince in love with demetrius
snug the mischief maker
Hippolyta ends up in love with Helena at the end
helena plays the lion in the craftsmen's play
robinstarveling the tailor who plays Thisbe's mother
Lysander the duke
demetrius one of the fairies ordered to attend bottom
Nickbottom is in love with Hermia
Titania master of the revels
Oberon Hermia's father
Puck the bellows-mender who plays Thisbe
philostrate the carpenter who plays the prologue
tomsnout king of the fairies
Athens The play begins and ends here
Theseus the queen of the Amazons
peaseblossom the tinker who plays Pyramus' father
hermia in love with Lysander

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