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Moby Dick Facts #2


Characters and conflicts from story/movie

whaling tune Dead whale or sung boat
Horn one of most dangerous sea passages in the world
Stubb trembling
conflict three Sailor
conflict two one of most dangerous sea passages in the world
Daggoo whaling vessel
attempt to resolve narrator of tale
Pequod Parts of plot-one
Tashtego causing harm
Flask protagonist vs. another person
Moby Dick Harpooner two
Stated Mission Parts of plot-two
Ishmael Second mate
Ahab Parts of plot-three
conflict four snow-white with wrinkled brow, broken jaw
phantom protagonist vs. force of nature
conflict one to harvest barrels of whale oil
Guiding Mission to exterminate Moby Dick
quivering something that hides or protects
Plot weave Harpooner one
vengeance unreal mental image
Good Hope protagonist vs. social force
story conflict Parts of plot-four
Denouement Harpooner three
story climax protagonist vs. sides of his/her own character
Quequeg cause and effect relationship of events
shroud Captain
Starbuck First mate

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