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Welcome to the Monkey House

Dr. Reimer

This puzzle is being written to go along with Kurt Vonnegut's Short Story, "Welcome to the Monkey House." It is being used along withthe short story in a GED Classroom.

pantomimed mean spirited
shoe-horned Dealing with right and wrong
Morality A person that does not government mandated medicine
Suicide breaking the law
Hypodermic Syringe wedging yourself into something
glandular deing with an emotion on a physical basis
Nothinghead snippiness, display of impatience
calibrated Device used to administer an injection
Notorious a beliegf that some things are correct.
Muzak making a guess or an educated assumption
Judo Well known for bad reasons
seraglio convey a message without using words
druplet Matrial Arts
Reproduce A female in charge of a party or a lounge
Barcalounger the walkway on a yacht or ship
Hostess Music system played in offices and businesses
Companionway Method of measurement used in the scientific community
malicious A brand name for a recliner
Metric System little bumps on the outside of a raspberry or dewberry
druggist Common name for a Pharmacist
violation To create
speculated Killing oneself
peevishness a fancy bedroom or boudior
Ethical measured or marked off

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