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The Novel: Sci-fi Genre

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setting catches the reader's attention
resolution time and place
climax turning point in the story
fallingaction plot events that lead to climax
dramaticirony universal idea or moral
exposition to say one thing but mean the opposite
irony characters, setting, and basic situation
theme when neither the audience or the characters know what will happen in the story
genre fictional work of at least 100 pages
situationalirony when the audience knows what will happen in the story but the characters do not
storydiagram fictional work with fewer pages than a novella and has only one mood or effect on the reader
novella struggles within the character, against another character, or against some other outside force
risingaction plot events that lead to the resolution
plot fictional work of about 50 pages
shortstory a category made by content, style or form in literary works
conflicts difference between appearance and reality
verbalirony a way to map out the parts of a literary work
novel how the main conflict
narrativehook events in the story

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