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Chapter Summary 10-12

Alex Cody David Darran

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six Achaeans row to what Island
tiresias What form does Hermes aproach Odysseus in
pigs Who is the first soul to appear to Odysseus
one Aiolos presents Odysseus with a bag containing
antiphates Who refuses to help Odysseus after they are blown back to Aiolia
tiresias Odysseus witnesses whos punishment
sisyphos Who tells him how to get passed the sirens
one What blind prophet does Odysseus have to talk to in hades
ogygia What god is asked to punish the men
Zues Circe turns Odysseuses men into what
wind What herb does Hermes tell Odysseus to eat to protect him from Circe's drug
laistrygonian What beautiful goddess do they meet on Aeaea
moly They have to navigate the strait between what two monsters
ten Who updates Odysseus on whats going on in Ithaca
circe How many sailors die from Scylla
beeswax Where does Circe tell Odysseus to sail in order to go home
sirens How many days do they sail in till they see Ithaca
youngman Who tells Odysseus about his murder
scyllaand charybdis Where does Odysseus end up
agamemnon The winds bring them back to
anticleia How do his men servive the sirens
elpenor On Laistrygonians lives a powerful race of
aiolos How many ships make it out of the harbor of Laistrygonian
lostacontest What obsticale does Odysseus have to face on his way home
aiolia Odysseus sails to the river of the ocean in the land of
giants After Laistrygonian what land do they travel to
eurylochos Why does Ajax kill himself
aeaea Who fortells Odysseuses fate and reveals to him why Possidian is mad at him
circes King of the giants
slaughtercattle Who persuades Odysseus to stop on Thrinacia
hades How do the men disobey Odysseus
cimmerian How many men servive the storm

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