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Of Mice and Men Midterm Review

Ms. Iocco

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Swamper Something happens that is the opposite of what is expected to happen
Novella To think about deeply
Bindle The method a writer uses to reveal the personality of a character in a literary work
Characterization Old swamper with no right hand
1930 a coastal California city about 130 miles south of San Francisco; location the novella takes place
Ominously A long, rectangual room where the ranch workers live, but the stable-buck is not allowed
Morosely Lennie's unexpected last name
Curley's Wife A word, color or object that stands for another word or abstract idea
Mollified A regional variety of language distinguished by features of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation
Bunkhouse When something is being suggested without being stated out loud
Cesspool The central idea or messahe of a story; NOT the summary
infer To draw a reasonable conclusion from the information presented
Jack _________________ workers more from ranch to ranch in search of work
Foreshadowing Gloomily, sullenly
Migrant Powerful, big stomached guy who asks about Lulu's puppies
George One of the main characters who is described as, "a huge man, shapeless of face."
Crooks a northern California mining town; where the two main character came from
Pantomime Boss's son who has the Napoleon Complex and wears high-heeled boots and a glove filled with vaseline
Boss Jerkline Skinner who demands attention
imply Slang term for money
Slim Decade that the novella takes place in
Deragatory A bundle, as of bedding, carried by a hobo
Soledad Pretty, but promiscous woman who is like "poison" for the ranch workers
Curley Literary Technique; when the author provides hints about what is to come
Skinner Mattress covering
Symbol An underground reservoir for liquid waste (as household sewage)
Carlson Is the information needed to understand a story prior to reading it like setting and characters, etc
Tick Mistreated stable-buck who likes to read
exposition To sooth in temper or disposition; pacify
Candy He "gives the stable-buck hell" when he gets upset
Small Having a quarrelsome or combative nature; always looking for a fight; Curley could described using this word
Contemplated A mule driver
Weed A work of fiction intermediate in length and complexity between a short story and a novel
Irony Discriminating against people because of their race, gender, age, etc.
Pugnacious In a threatening way; Curley speeks in this manner to the ranch workers
Lennie Handyman; someone who performs odd jobs—such as cleaning
Prejudice Performance using gestures and body movements without words
Theme One of the main characters who is described as, " small and quick....with restless eyes."
Droned Belittling or insulting; Crooks is spoken to in this manner
Dialect To have spoken in a monotonous tone

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