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Plays of Shakespeare

Lawrence Rowswell

The Answers to this puzzle are Titles of plays by William Shakespeare. I often use the short form of a title, for example "Hamlet" not "The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark." Also I never include "part one" or such, and titles of more than one word are run together without spaces between the words. Names of kings use roman numerals, that is "III," not "the third."

Timon of Athens Disfigured royalty
Romeo and Juliet Love across the line of battle
Much Ado About Nothing Elizabethan splatter play
Henry VIII Justice for Isabelle
The Comedy of Errors Hero never dies
Twelfth Night A prince and a fat knight
Alls Well That Ends Well A kingdom usurped
Richard III A daughter lost, a debt forgiven
Henry IV It's a dog's life
The Tempest Dodging destiny fulfills fate
The Merchant of Venice Way too generous
Henry V He's real mean to his girlfriend
As You Like It For the love of France
Henry VI Four twins in Ephesus
Measure for Measure Falstaff's follies
King John His life and death, from his troublesome reign
A Midsummer Nights Dream A jealous general with a faithless friend
The Two Gentlemen of Verona Helena's choice
Loves Labours Lost Dictator's death is the birth of an empire
The Merry Wives of Windsor Foolish father fails and falls
Julius Caesar Amor in Athens
Cymbeline Prospero prospers
King Lear Ganymede's School for Lovers
The Taming of the Shrew Kate's comeuppence
Hamlet A river runs through it
Coriolanus Tempest tossed twins
Titus Andronicus Too many wives
Troilus and Cressida A friar's folly fails to fly
The Winters Tale The red rose and the white
Antony and Cleopatra Pride cometh before a fall
Othello It's a bear of a tale
Richard II Back to school
Pericles Gower's Song
Macbeth He won't render unto Caesar

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