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Poe's Crossword

Ricardo Lopez

Complete the crossword. You have to answer the questions and the answer that you get is the one you are going to use to put in the puzzle.

Street In the story the Black Cat where did the narrator bury the dead body?
Rosalie Where was Poe born?
Boston In what month was Poe born?
Raven In what condition was Poe found 4 days before his death?
Virginiaclemm In the poem, The Raven, who was Poe trying to forget?
Blackcat What disease did Poe's mother and wife die of?
Wall In what story did a man take out the eye of the cat?
unconscious What was Poe's father's name?
Romanticperiod Where did Poe die?
Raven What was the name of the poem that describes Poe?
Elizabeth What was Poe's mother's name?
January What was the name of Poe's sister?
Fotunato What poem was Poe famous for?
Tuberculosis What was the name of Poe's brother?
Lenore What was the name of the man that took over Poe's estate after his death and wrote lies about him?
October In the Cask of Amontillado what was the name of the character who dies?
Rufusgriswold In what month did Poe die?
David Poe wrote during what period?
Baltimore What poem made Poe famous?
TellTaleHeart Where was Poe found days before his death?
Alone In what story did the narrator bury the body under the floor?
William Who adopted Edgar Allan Poe?
England In what foreign country did Poe study?
JohnAllan What was the name of Poe's wife?

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