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Kimbla F. Faire

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Free Verse unit used to measure rhythm
Alliteration group of lines seperated by a space
Concrete Poems a comparison of two unlike objects not using the words like or as
Rhyme Scheme poem that tells a story
Onomatopoeia a comparison of two unlike objects using the words like or as
Imagery repitition of stressed and unstressed syllables
Blank Verse poetry written unrhymed
Meter repitition of vowel sounds
Refrain appeals to the senses
Simile use of words that imitate sounds
Personification words that describe the 5 senses
Rhythm Japense poem about nature
Rhyme rhyme formed at the end of a line
Haiku extreme exaggeration
Stanza giving humanlike qualities to inanimate objects
Metaphor pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables
Assonance expresses thoughts and feelings to a certain person
Lyric Poetry repeated group of lines
Narrative Poetry no fixed rhyme or meter
Foot repitition of beginning consanant sound
Hyperbole repitition of sounds at the end of a line

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