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Pride and Prejudice Vocabulary Crossword

Partner in Crime

No description

capital proper behavior
servility wrong; sinful
ensued bothered; worried
fastidious care; concern
regimentals insincere
abominable happiness
countenance a rented carriage
solicitude friendly
entreaties the act of putting on airs
condescension a type of dance
implacable followed
hack chaise like a servant
complaisant facial features
solaced bothering
amiable rudeness
odious able; qualified
panegyric two weeks
pedantic poor; poverty-stricken
prognostics pleadings
disposed arrogance; a patronizing attitude
obsequiousness to try (British spelling)
repaired boringness
ductility good-natured
hypocritical overly proud
vexing horrid; frightening
insipidity comforted
supercilious bravery
celerity speed; rapidity
veneration generosity
censuring scholarly
felicity careful thought
beneficence making up for something; balancing; compensation
impertinenece went to
mortifying inclined
vouchsafed menial; subservient; acting almost like a slave
destitute not attacked
phaeton worn; frayed
intrepidity splendid, nearly perfect
atonement military uniforms
afability fearful
incumbent guesses
deferred the state of being easily led or manipulated
reproof condemning
apt picky; careful
surmises forethought
endeavour admiration; respect
quadrille a cure-all
discretion predictions
fortnight a reprimand
thither horrible
ostentation showiness
iniquitous friendliness
unassailed there
propriety unshakable; unable to be changed
threadbare proper behavior
pretension a horse-drawn carriage
disconcerted necessary
decorum conceded; granted
circumspection put off until later
scrupulous careful

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