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Ptolemy's Gate

Mark Maragni

No description

Thames This was Kitty's master.
Goodalwaystriumphsoverevil The famous clock in London is ____________________ .
Caring This fabulous European country is where this novel takes place.
QuentinMakepeace Tony Blair
Gladstone'sStaff This is the theme of the story.
Nathaniel ____________________ is Nathaniel's magical name.
Mr.Button What is the name of the young and powerful main character?
Ms.Piper Nathaniel's actions towrd Kitty are____________________.
Climax What is the name of the main female character?
London ____________________ was one of Kitty's fake names.
Three ____________________ is the name of Nathaniel's assistant.
Firstperson An alternative name for a djinni is____________________ ?
KittyJones ____________________ is the name of the main character.
Bartimaeus ____________________ is the author of the book.
One Famous river that runs through London.
PrimeMinister ____________________ was the evil friend of Rupert Deveraux that tried to overthrow the government.
Wity Nathaniel feels ____________________ when under presure.
Frustrated ____________________ is how Bartimaeus acts.
TheAmuletofSamarkand Mr. Button had how many legs?
JonathanStroud What is the point of view this novel is told in.
ClaraBell Where does Kitty travel to with Bartimaeus?
Demon Nathaniel used ____________________ to destroy Nathaniel and Nouda.
OtherPlace ____________________ is how many people tell this story.
BigBen Kitty used this magical pendant to protect herself while she was injured.
JohnMandrake The ____________________ is when Kitty summoned Bartimaeus.

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