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Red Badge of Courage

Keith Mardis

This puzzle reviews the vocabulary and characters of Red Badge of Courage.

regiment Tattered solider's wounds
sawd a ___child, a child who does not do as he should
henry mounted troops
private Henry Fleming's army
front Henry sees Jim ____ die in first battle
shirking the colors
haversack rebels, Confederate soliders
retreating "tall soldier"
lieutenant sing a hymn of thankgivings and praise
general Man ____man, Henry argument with mom, type of conflict
huns a Yankee
corporal Henry left_______Soldier wounded and stumbling
versus a set of heavy guns
wilson Civil War era
omen Tattered ____ said, "Where is your'n located?"
internal thing or happening supposed to foretell a future event
jimdandy wounds Henry's head,_______ soldier
north protagonist of the book
conklin Henry's ______, the 304th
soldier Henry's holding of the letters
jim Henry_____ from first battle
demonstration trimmings, collar, and cuffs of military coats
yank enlisted man of lowest rank
man Henry's role in battle returning to regiment
time canvas bag for carrying rations
whining comparsion not using like or as
courage Mighty Blue Machine, Union _____
paean bad name for new soldiers
tattered Henry's type of conflict rather to run or not
richmond place of story
crane bleating plaintively
simile "loud soldier"
weapon a large number
colorguard a ranking below captain
metaphor soldiers stationed at outpost to guard from surprise attack
battery heart of the din, ____line
cavalry valor
runs a warlike Asiatic people
facings cowled
pickets capital of Virginia
littleones Author of Red Badge of Courage
hooded lowest-ranking noncommisioned officer
army reason Henry enlists, to become a ______
rebs highest ranking officer
freshfish Henry's phrase sbout his regiment, a blue ____
union a person who is top notch
johnnies Confederate soldiers
flag a comparison using like or as

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