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Tyler Winkler

No description

abram "Temp'ring extremities with extreme sweet."
romeo "I will then give it you soundly."
nurse "Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand to much."
apothecary "Enough of this, I pray thee hold thy peace."
tybalt Uncle, this is a Montague, uor foe."
romeo "Who calls so loud?"
chorus "do you bit your thumb at us, sir?"
tybalt "It fits when such a villian is a guest."
peter "We cannot be here and there too."
juliet "And stint thou to, I pray thee, nurse, say I."
ladycapulet "Have not saints lips, and holy palmer too."
benvolio "But everyman betake him to his legs."
countparis "My naked weapon is out."
juliet "O,she doth teach the torches to burn bright."
sampson "Happily met, my lade and my wife!"

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