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Romeo's and Juliet

Levi Vines, Jason Cole

No description

Queen Mab Main character
Friar John Fairies mid-wife that is the bringer of dreams
Juliet Who does Romeo buy the poison from
Wanton Who tells Romeo that Juliet's dead
Romeo Excited
Lord Montague Hard downward swordstroke
Lord Capulet Romeo's Mom
Paris Main Characters' True Love
Tybalt Person that wants to marry Juliet
Sampson Generous
Abram Romeo's best friend
Lady Capulet Juliets' mom
Lady Montague Juliets' cousin
Mercutio Another servant to Capulet
Mantua Applelike fruits
Friar Lawrence Man that didn't deliver letter to Romeo
Frank Romeo's fling at the begining of the play
Benvolio Who weds Romeo and Juliet
Rosaline Who takes care of Juliet
Apothecary Night's candles
Nurse Where does Romeo get banished to
Party Servant to Juliet's nurse
Medlars Where does this play take place
Prince nephew to Montague and friend to Romeo
Gregory Juliets' dad
Verona Where did Romeo first see Juliet
Balthasar Acts as the sherriff and Mercutios kinsmen
Stars Servant to Montague
Peter Romeo's dad
Swashing Servant to Capulet

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